Retractable Stands

Aclima 23" X 83"
Aclima 60" X 83"
Briny 31" X 83"

Briny 31" X 83"


Briny 35" X 83"

Briny 35" X 83"


Comgo 31" X 83"

Comgo 31" X 83"


Dingtom 33" X 78"
Golistic 33" X 79"
Magnemo 35" X 77"
Miracula 31" X 80"
Miracula 35" X 80"
Pandora 31" X 83"
Pandora 35" X 83"
Plasto 31" X 78"
Plasto 47" X 78"
Plasto 59" X 78"
Plasto Lite 31" X 78"
Volax 31" X  83"

Volax 31" X 83"


Retractable Stands

Retractable Stands

Retractable Banner Stands from Banner Stands Depot

There is nothing quite like a banner stand for attracting business and getting your company noticed. Standing directly in the way of foot traffic, a banner stand is a great addition to trade shows, retail kiosks, or anywhere that has people walking by that might be interested in your products or services.

But not everyone plans to keep their banner stand in the same location for a long period of time. Many companies need to move or remove their banner stands frequently. For those that find that they are regularly moving their signs to different locations, consider a retractable banner stand from banner stands depot.

Benefits of a Retractable Banner Stand

Retractable banner stands are great for those that use these signs at trade shows and events, or those that need to put away or move their banner quickly and easily. Retractable banner stands can be stretched as long as 7 feet tall or more, but can retract into a size that is easy to fit in a bag for easy transfer and storage. These types of retractable signs have many benefits, including:

  • Less Likely to Damage – If you move a sign that is not designed to be moved, you risk damaging the sign and reducing its lifespan. Retractable banner stands are also printed on a surface that can handle regular use without affecting the colors or vibrancy of the design.
  • Easier to Ship and Store – Non-retractable banner stands can be difficult to move when needed, and take up much more space than their non-retractable counterparts. You can store them easily even in the smallest of space, or move them from location to location without worrying about their size.

Though non-retractable banner stands are also very popular, those that have any plan to use their banner stand over and over again should strongly consider a retractable banner stand in order to help the sign last longer and reduce the work for you and your team.

Why a Retractable Banner Stand from Banner Stands Depot?

Banner Stands Depot is a NYC based sign company that has decades of experience working with high quality banner stands. We have some of the most affordable banner stands available today, with some of the top name brands in retractable banners, including:

  • Excalibur
  • Barracuda
  • Mosquito
  • Orient
  • Advance

We make sure that your banner stand is designed to last, with only the finest in printing quality without having to pay more. We also have our own designers on staff, so if you need a banner stand created for you that matches your vision, our banner stand graphic designers can create the sign for an affordable price.

Banner Stands Depot offers the best in portable banner stands, along with great customer service that is certain to make your experience pleasant. Though we’re based in New York City, we also provide fast shipping and printing options for those that need them, and have worked with clients across New York and the rest of the United States. For more information about our banner stand and trade show sign services, including our retractable banner stands, please call us today at (718) 453-8300.