Frequently Asked Questions

Banner Stands Depot FAQs

Banner stand is a hardware stand that is made up of aluminum or other metal, the banner stand used to hold the printed banner over it. The banner stands are found in a variety of hardware material, mostly used for trade event seminars for hanging printed banners on them. On the other hand, our vinyl banner is signage that isn’t a hardware and made from the 13oz material. Vinyl banners and signage are printed in vibrant colors can be used for outdoor and indoor marketing purposes.

Both wide base retractable unit and narrow base retractable unit are used for advertisement purposes and major contrast is just durability and longevity. In comparison, the wide base unit has more weight that narrow base unit. For example, the wide base 33” x 80” wide base stand could weigh 15lbs to 16Ibs, compared to same 33” x 80” narrow base stand only weighs 7Ibs to 8Ibs.

Here are other key Differences;

                        Wide Base Retractable Banner Stand

·        heavy metal base

·        More durable material than narrow base stand

·        Chromed end caps are offered with wide base stand

·        2-year manufacturing guarantee

 Narrow  Base Retractable Banner Stand

·        light metal base

·        less durable material than wide base stand

·        Swinging feet are offered with narrow base stand

·        180 days manufacturing guarantee

Our most common and favored material is quality vinyl material. We also tend to provide printing banner in other material such as polyester film, and digital fabric.

Our team usually takes 2 working days for the assigned order, the actual turnaround time is also dependent on the size of the order, the bigger the order the more time it will take to complete.

After placing the order, it usually takes 24 hours to receive your free electronic proof.

Our preferred service is FedEx but we also use UPS courier service for fast shipments.

Graphics and other demo signage can be created through our expert designers or you can also give us your own Artwork/Resources for printing.

If your provided internet resources are large enough resolution then our team of expert will definitely approve your design, other found in lower resolution can be rejected as its not suitable for printing, get blurred image after printing services. For best graphics, only high-resolution images are approved and suggested.

You can easily order your selected design by clicking on the “Order Now”. Click on the desired product, choose the preferred size and click the “Order Now” option. Here you go, select other preferences and your order are placed.

Yes, we accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa card. Please, make it sure that your address matches the address on your credit card when placing your order.

Yes, we also ship international orders.

Through dye-sublimation printer direct fabric printing is possible with accuracy; ink is applied with heat and pressure to build images and graphics. With this vibrant images are printed in permanent form with excellent quality.

CYMK offer four basic color and other colors are obtained through mixing those basic colors, as compared to PMS where solid color is used can be achieved any desired color through PMS matching system. The PMS printing is highly recommended for quality printing services.

End caps are the covers that could be in plastic or metallic material, usually used for protecting the banner stand from external damage.

Here we share some printing guide that will overcome any prevailing printing issues.

We do not allow a ready template because we understand every business have different requirements. Just send us your artwork without setting bleed area, our expert designer will take care of all this. Any desired graphics and image will be automatically enlarged to these selected sizes.

We accept many different file types, including PDF, EPS, AI, TIF, JPEG, and PSD. We strongly recommend .eps, .ai, and .pdf, with all layers flattened.

Our preferred files for Foam core and Backlit setup are without any watermark and in full version without any crop. We also accep other formats such as PDF, JPG, and TIFF files.