Red Carpet

Red Carpet

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"Rolling out the red carpet" is more than a phrase. For many events across New York City, it is a reality. Red carpets give every event a look of class, style, and stature. They have become an important part of movie premieres, awards shows, opening nights, and so much more, and can even play a role at smaller galas such as high school proms, weddings, and other fun events.

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Red carpets provide a backdrop for events that little else can provide, and they are used frequently by companies and event planners. But those red carpets have to come from somewhere. At Banner Stands Depot, we make sure to keep in stock nearly every type of red carpet runner – including carpet runners in other colors besides red – so that you have a single source that you can use for your event needs.

We offer two distinctive services for those that need them:

  • Red Carpet Rentals – When you want to roll out the red carpet but don’t want to take the red carpet with you for events in the future, consider our red carpet rentals. We rent out these types of carpet runners to companies across the United States. Based in New York City, we may even be able to drop the red carpet off with you or make it available for pickup, and can ship these red carpets throughout the United States as needed.
  • Red Carpet Purchases – Of course, some companies would prefer to own their red carpet for future use. We are happy to sell red carpet to those that need it in several different sizes so that you always have the red carpet you need.

Banner Stands Expo is the leading choice for trade shows, exhibitions, and events, and that means that we make sure to offer supplementary items that may be necessary for setting up your look. We currently offer these red carpet rentals and purchases in two distinct sizes:

  • 6’
  • 8’

All of our red carpet options, including our carpets of other colors, are made of the highest quality materials as well, because we know that everyone at the event knows the difference between high quality and low quality materials and we want to make sure that yours has the best possible look for your needs.

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We are the number one choice for red carpets in NYC and across the United States, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your needs are met. For conventions, celebrity events, dance club celebrations, and so much more, please make sure to contact Banner Stands Expo today, and see why we are the leading choice in red carpet and trade show materials. Call us directly at (718) 453-8300, or fill out a form for a no-obligation quote.